Road Cycling

Whether you are looking for an alternative place to train or something more sedate, Contour’s courses and holidays offer an ideal way to make the most of this beautiful part of Wales. For the athlete the roads and lanes that wind their way through the Brecon Beacons make for an ideal training venue, whilst for the touring cyclist the National Park and Marches countryside ensures that you are never too far away from a stunning view or an interesting place to discover. Let our guides lead you on single or multi-day tours that will leave you inspired and eager for more.  See our Personal Guiding page for prices and details for day and half day packages.

What to Expect

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Easy Level 1: Basic fitness from exercise once or twice per week. Can ride on flat, or gently rolling terrain at a steady pace. Usually have the stamina to spend 2-4 hours out on a ride.

Easy Level 2: Basic fitness from two to three sessions per week.  Able to negotiate similar terrain to Level 1 but capable of 4-6 hours riding.

Moderate Level 3: Moderate fitness from three or four sessions of exercise each week. Can ride hilly terrain, at a steady pace or more demanding terrain, but only for shorter rides.

Hard Level 4: Good fitness from regular exercise sessions and time spent actively involved in cycling. Can ride full days, in any terrain, at a steady pace.


Hard Level 5: Excellent fitness from regular training and a significant amount of time spent riding or racing. Can ride in any terrain and maintain a demanding pace.

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