Complete Navigation (Snowdonia)

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Complete Navigation (Snowdonia)

A five day course that covers all aspects of navigation including use of GPS, map and compass work, relocation, night and poor weather navigation. This course would suit the person who plans to travel on the open moor or mountainside and who may require to journey in hours of darkness or in poor weather.


Please call 0800 014 8657, email or use the enquiry button to get further details on this activity.

Courses available on request, 5 days from £420.00

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  • Use of map (Conventional signs, Grid references, Scale).

  • Compass (Bearings: map to compass and compass to map).

  • Practical contour interpretation.

  • Relocation methods.

  • Estimating paces.

  • Estimating time.

  • Route selection and Planning.

  • Night navigation.

  • Bad weather navigation.

  • Use of GPS & Altimeter in conjunction with the map and compass.

  • Route research (using internet) and use of guide books.

Some previous experience would be advantageous, although not essential. Please ring or email for details.

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