The main advantages that spring to mind when opting to book your own session are the flexibility that comes with choosing the time and place which suits you. However, when considering private guiding there are many equally important factors which are sometimes overlooked.  For example:
Multiple Activities – You can choose from a variety of activities such as climbing, scrambling and mountain biking.
Bespoke Technical Packages – Learn specific skills or train for specific objectives. 
Groups – You choose the people that you want to spend your time with.
Ability & Experience – Choose the pace that you want to progress and that you feel comfortable with.
Economy – Spend your money and spread the cost on the things that you want to do.
The Daily Rate is £140 and £75 for a half day, regardless of the chosen activity.  The price includes the use of specialist equipment. However, for reasons of safety instructor to client ratio will vary depending on the nature of the day’s programme. 
Typical ratios for instructor/guide to client are:
Hillwalking: 1 to 6
Scrambling Grade I: 1 to 3 & Scrambling Grade II & III: 1 to 2
Rock Climbing: Single Pitch Climbing 1 to 4 & Multi-pitch Climbing 1 to 2
Road Cycling: 1 to 6
Mountain Biking (MTB): 1 to 4 
Road Cycling: 1 to 6
Please note that group and individual discounts are available and we highly recommend that you ring or email to discuss your requirements
With the exception of clothing and footwear Contour is able to provide the specialist equipment needed for the day’s activities.  Contour can also help with hiring bicycles should they be required.  See our Equipment and Packing page for advice on which items to bring for your chosen activity.
See our Accomodation and Travel page for advice on where to stay during your break.
Contour can also deliver training and advice for independent travellers planning expeditions to countries where Desert, Jungle, Bush and Arctic climate and environment prevail. 
Finally, the Overseas Travellers Personal Safety Course is available for those people whose itinerary might include places less frequented by tourists.  Details of course content and prices are available on request.